Thursday, January 26, 2006


I’ve been tagged by Teri of Blueberry Pie. I’ve read a long, fascinating entry on Wikapedia on the subject of Memes (pronounce as in “themes”), thanks to The Daring One, who posted the link in Teri’s comments. The exact connection between memes and this little exercise is a bit vague to me (and here I must mention I can be a little thick upon occasion) – but hell, I’ve been tagged, so here goes. (I’ll get back to the 100 things later.)

Four jobs (of a possible sixty) I’ve had:

1. Factory line worker in an aerosol canning factory
2. Administrator of a modern dance school
3. Self-employed jewelry designer and producer
4. Booze waitress in a bar that required staff to wear high heels skirts the length of my index finger. (You’ve come a long way, Baby.)

Four movies (from a selection of nine hundred) I’d watch over and over:

1. Blade Runner
2. Crash
3. Brazil
4. Resurrection (if I could only find a copy)

Four places I’ve lived:

1. Toronto
2. Sudbury
3. Amsterdam
4. My head (Located between Las Vegas and Outer Mongolia. Take rubber boots and a map. Much good it’ll do you.)

Four websites I visit daily:

1. ALL the links posted to the right (I know that’s cheating)
2. Astrodienst – best astrology site, bar none.
3. The Gem Shop - fabulous cabs
4. “Next blog”

Four favorite foods:

1. Brie
2. Crusty bread
3. Coffee
4. Wine (Shut up. Is so. Grapes.)

Four places I would rather be now:

1. My coronation as Queen of the Universe, in Brazil.
2. Chicago
3. New Mexico
4. India

Four bloggers I’m tagging although it’s completely hopeless:

1. Anyone at Yottabite
2. The Coyote
3. Koru’s Daughter
4. Lucas and taking my very life in my hands,
4. Mr. Head
4. The other KD who keeps threatening to write something on I'm Waving Not Drowning, People I am merely reminding her that a template does not constitute a blog.

What? That’s four. Check the numbers.

Alright then, let’s see if Blogger will stop screwing up my html and let me publish.