Saturday, March 25, 2006

What I Did on My Saturday Vacation

A thin layer of cloud gauzing over the blue sky. Still cold, but the bare ground and lack of snow cover makes it feel like Spring.

I’ve won the energy lottery today, have written another of my endless to-do lists and accomplished a third of the tasks on it.

Big chore #1, Shopping: I bought long stems of fuchsia Astromeria to put in a clear glass vase, a loaf of Winnipeg Rye bread, strawberries and bright green broccoli. White wine. Cookies. I think there are a few staples as well, although that isn’t a major concern. What I require are groceries that would make a nice still life. My father, the artist, if confronted with a bland palette of food, consisting of something like, potatoes, cauliflower and meat, would habitually remark, “You have to feed the eye.

It’s his fault I’ve become a flowers and strawberries shopper. My eyes eat, my stomach wonders when it’s going to see protein again.

I’ve restocked thumb bandages. I’m going to need the thumb again, so I paid attention to that.

The rest of the list includes hauling out my new Red Devil vacuum and attacking the fast-breeding colony of dust bunnies crowding my knees. There’s the everlasting laundry event – which is conducted in sniper-like fashion with me running up and down stairs trying to hit the exact minute when all three washers are empty at once and I don’t have to drag someone else’s abandoned washing out There are a few personal grooming items on the list too – ones that involve more than trying to break Olympic records for speed-showering. Some require the application of brain-damaging chemicals to my head.

The rest, are things like:

Write boring blog entry: What I Did on Saturday
Work on fiction
Make new face mold and faces
Glue downward-facing figure to backing
Work on ideas for downward-facing figure piece

There was something else.


Maybe later.