Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Blogger Overboard!

A pause in the proceedings.

What I haven’t said is that, in the rush to establish a source of grocery income for my impending retirement/foray into fixed and inadequate income, I’ve managed to land a couple of gigs teaching beadwork for the Mary Black Gallery this fall. Pending enrollment quotas. This means, come October, I could be working a six day week. Before June, which is when the Gallery’s brochure goes out, I have to produce photos and large quantities of written words for them. (That last sentence was a whole long detailed paragraph a minute ago - and you have been saved by the delete key.)

Essentially, since I made the initial decision to retire, and since I briefly experienced the relief of looking forward to less stressful circumstances, I have managed to expand my stress levels to previously unimagined size. I am busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest. I did the math. It was obvious that I will not be rising at noon and eating breakfast in bed upon retirement. Or eating breakfast at all, really. So I got busy. Very busy.

Unfortunately (for those who come here), I have not stopped blogging. No. Stopping blogging while I’m trying to accomplish 582 tasks in a day would have been the reasonable thing to do. It’s obvious why that died in the water, isn’t it? It would have been sensible.

And the quality of my writing would have been less abysmal when I did write, if I waited until I was actually breathing. There would not have been photographs with vines over my face and long discussions about nothing. Or, I like to think, there would have been more articulate discussions of nothing.

So, I’m going to swear off for a few days. Any minute now.

And when you find a new entry (I lie to myself on a pathological level, you realize), it will be beautifully, carefully written. There will be content. And live verbs. Fabulous metaphors. Deep meaning. Profound insight. Or excellently written crap.

Like I said. Pathological.

You are all very kind, you know. To have commented and kept reading in spite of the slumping standards and hysteria.

See you soon. I’ll still be reading you all of course!