Friday, February 24, 2006

A media moment. apparently.

“Media is not available for your current job. Check machine status.”

Excuse me?

Machine status, machine status. Oh. There. It’s a button.

“Check paper tray 1.”


When did “Paper Tray empty” become an inadequate description of the problem?
Is an unnamed company (whose name rhymes with, say, Peerox) afraid that I’m going to find out that I’m using a photocopier? IT’S A PHOTOCOPIER PEOPLE. IT USES PAPER. In trays 1 to 4.

Excuse me. Just view and interface emotionally with the digital image of the Ursus Maritimus below while I attempt to reestablish my sense of connection to the collective use of rapidly altering forms of communication in this post-post-modern age.

Thank you.