Monday, March 26, 2007

Love song

I have friends who moved from Rural to Urban Nowhere and learned to survive. Some grew up suffocating in the suburbs, some on reservations, some in small towns or large cities, some in the ghettos. Some live in beautiful houses and some in jail cells and some in areas where you can't walk outside, even at ten in the morning. Some are nostalgic about the past and some have a suitcase full of nightmares. They have survived poverty. And the middle class and even wealth - and all of them still fit through the eye of the needle, far as I'm concerned. Poets, computer geeks, artists, administrators, librarians, counsellors. Married, single, divorced, straight, gay, Buddhist, Atheist, Evangelical Christian and...undecided.

A diverse group with one thing in common.

When the wolf came, in the hour particular to each of them, they turned to face it. Some, more than once.

This is a love song. Make no mistake.