Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Backing into Beta

Today I made a leap and registered a new blog - beta version. Life on earth and other accidents: part 2. I made a list of twenty alternate blog titles but haven't hit on anything that feels as right as LOE. Nothing has been done on that site yet, but at least it's registered in case I continue to have title block. Here, for your amusement (or your raspberries) are a few of the new titles I jotted down. Be kind, I was free-associating:

20/20 Hindsight,
Certainty and Large Cash Prizes,
Five O'clock Shadow (Don't ask me why, but I like that one) and finally,
True Fiction, Earnest Lies.

Ok. I agree. Nothing we can use there. I leapt on True Lies only to discover it was a movie title. It was perfect and Hollywood has stolen it.

I don't want to move. Especially to a neighborhood like Beta, where the plumbing is barely hooked up and the electricity is likely not to be on. Where, if I'm catching the drift over at Blogger Help, archives and old blogs are eaten, comments vanish, or you just plain can't sign on.

But let's face it, the "old" neighborhood isn't what it used to be. I can't use Blogger for Word anymore. The font in Old Blogger is senile - and cranky. It spaces where it feels like it. It leaps from Ariel to "font" without permission. The spell check converts all diacritics to something else and beware of turning on italics because you may never get them to turn off again. Or suddenly, lo and behold - an article appears in font 15 inches high. Surprise!

What do the kindly folks at Blogger say? Why, they are concentrating on New Blogger. They are no longer investigating problems with Old Blogger.

I remind myself that I am getting what I'm paying for. Not that this has been the case always. I've been grateful for the cyberspace - and the almost idiot-proof templates.

A general call out - Who has moved house to Beta? Who is screwing up their courage to do it?
Who is planning to stuff hand-written notes in bottles and set them adrift as an alternative?

In honor of this collapsing, unsupported old blogging neighborhood, I present two different Hobo signs both meaning, Hit the road! Quick!