Saturday, May 06, 2006

Death and recipes: goon island

Don't tell anyone.
I'm sneaking off to Goon Island to eat capitalists.

On Goon Island. They eat the dead...(and capitalists). In fact, eating anything that becomes a problem or turns out to be a Bad Idea is pretty much the daily routine. In the last episode from the Island, Goon discusses the strange and alarming burial customs of other societies and concludes...

"But a Goon couldn't consign the body of someone they knew, lived with, and possibly loved to such treatment. Especially when, with a properly banked pit of coals and a decent molasses rub, they could honor them by making the tender and juicy main course at a well-attended island cookout under the stars....

We all look forward to our last bar-b-que. I know Arnie did. That's why Goons don't travel much. If something happened and we croaked while abroad and couldn't make it back to Goon Island before going rancid...well, we like an aged cut of meat as much as anyone, there are limits. We're not French, after all."

I think Pogo would approve.

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