Thursday, June 29, 2006


Never listen to recommendations for freeware that say a program is "user friendly" or "easy to use."

Never buy a computer.

But if you've already made that fatal error, do not f-ck with the registry. Do not, in your utter ignorance, uninstall and install things as if you know something.

My computer goes into the shop tomorrow morning. I will miss you and probably explode trying to contain all the words I can't write. I will sneak in next week, from work, to read yours. I may write tonight, if the machine lets me...before I pull out it's 9,000 cords and stuff it in a box. But after that, it's 19th century time for a few days..


If you click here, you will find a useable and hysterically funny article entitled, "What Shamu taught me about a happy marriage." Koru's daughter of Everyday Sutras uses this page to store the best articles she finds. Well worth a look.


Anonymous said...

String, can we just get this woman a Mac? This is the 54,236th time she's had a PC go south on her.


Katie said...

Will miss you while your computer is at the doctor, LJ.

Hugs, Jamie

LJ said...

Will miss you too, Jamie! Not for long I hope.

And String - I would welcome the donation of a Mac. Anyone? Poor little LJ has no Mac. Picture of emaciated (I wish) dejected woman, sagging hopelessly in front of her unreliable PC. Sally Struthers' voice wavers and cracks in the voice-over.

Jess said...

OMG, this is a hell of a time for you to go offline. Before you go, email me with your mailing address. I have something to send you.

phlegmfatale said...

Hope you're back soon!

phlegmfatale said...

I've already had the poke-n-scratch self-tour of the dangerous ground of unnavigable computerese, but thanks in retrospect for the warning!
LOVE the shamu link - good stuff which I have bookmarked for future reference.