Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Eight twenty three p.m.

This is mine, squawks the smaller crow. He puffs up and pecks nervously at something on the pavement.
Bastard! Back off or you’ll lose a few of those pathetic excuse for feathers, the bigger crow screams and advances, menacing.
No. It’s mine. I found it. I was here first.
Here first? Here first? Have you noticed how big I am, you tick-ridden excuse for a bird? Get out of my way.

They shrill and screech at each other in the parking lot. A crust of bread? Crumbs from a bag of potato chips?

A car motor grinds to silence as they quarrel.

My planter box is full of drowned pansies and sodden petunias.

A mother’s voice calls, “Come in now! Are you listening?”


Half-light in the pale grey sky. Sundown coming. World turning.

Just for this minute, I won’t harden my heart or make a joke of it. I won’t begin to ply myself with platitudes or search for meanings. There is no story. I have no explanations. It is all worthy of love. Worthy of notice.

The crows quarrel. The car stops its’ engine. The flowers droop.

I am passing through forever.



Anonymous said...


Kind of long-assed for a haiku.

But nice.


Katie said...

LJ, this is beautiful. In some moments I think we are meant to just be. No analyzing, no dissecting, no twisting. Just the simple nature of what is. And somehow that is more poignant than most of our other moments.

Teri said...

Beautiful. And so is your new avatar. You look especially Goddess-like!

Anonymous said...

Haiku my ass.
It's just good.


LJ said...

My haiku is bigger than your haiku.
What do you mean that isn't the point?
And speaking of goddesses...that's what came next..."Three" I mean.

One of the images is "radiant," my bead piece, one is a tiny goddess I made from polymer clay...and the center image is an old goddess figure.

Thanks for your lovely comments. Except for Marko, of course - you rude thing. Do I look fat in this haiku? Really. You can tell me.

herhimnbryn said...

You're right. Just observe, record, reflect, be.

chuck said...


Koru's Daughter said...

It is sweet that you let your spiritual self out to talk to us.

Helloooo... Little Cosmic "In the moment" Zen Bunny.

I would love it if you felt free to hop around in another posting.