Monday, September 11, 2006

She's Baackk...

Well, hell.

Moved up to the Ferari and turns out the gear shift sticks, the steering column is loose and the windows won't roll down. The wagon ain't fancy, but she gets me there. Less parts, less to break back here at Life on Earth.

Marko gave me a very juicy bad word last week in an email. He was describing the beginning of term at his particular insane asylum (very much like my insane asylum) and he summed it up with:
"It's a clusterf--k." It's such a perfectly appropriate word that I regret not being able to spell it in full, over and over.

And so goes my first and second week of the fall term at Esteemed Post-Secondary Art Place, and so goes the comments situation at Beta Blogger, and my budget, and my Usual State of Serenity and Goodwill Towards Mankind and last, but not least, my PC, which is trying desperately to reach full dementia.

Blogging may get thin over the next while, but it's got priority over doing the dishes, washing my hair, paying my bills and otherwise conducting myself like a responsible adult. Remember playing "statues" as a kid? The game where someone took your hand and spun you around until you were nearly ready to throw up and then you had to freeze in place? Ok. You're too young to remember - or you had toys. Anyway, I'd describe the last couple of weeks as the first part of a game of "statues." The whirling part. And "they" aren't letting go for another couple weeks at least.

Meanwhile, at some point, Minor Deity, my IT friend from work, is going to set up the new PC.
Then, my friends, we are going to fervently pray that it is not a Beta. I say "we" because I credit you all with great compassion and kindness (far more than I, myself, possess). If all goes well, there should not be undue silence for long. AND Phelgmy! I'll be able to hear your audio posts!

Wish me luck. Please feel free to actually comment without resorting to being "anonymous."
I have hated not seeing your links on the new blog. I have hated not seeing your pictures. I have missed the exchange of comments between people. New links will be posted soon.

No place like home.


Mella said...

From beta and back again - welcome back!

LJ said...

Ah. There's Mella. Everyone click on Mella's link and read her new story when you get a few minutes.
Thanks for the welcome back, M!

zhoen said...


beadbabe49 said...

ooo....zhoen, I like that even better!

hi, lj...yep...they were serious in calling it "beta"!

Jessie said...

Be it ever so humble, welcome back, and thanks for running the test so the rest of us don't have to. I was on the verge. I feel saved. I guess that would make you a goddess?

herhimnbryn said...

I thing Z. has got it right!
Oh, welcome home Dorothy.

Anonymous said...

I regret putting my stuff on the new blogger because now I am anonymous. Also, it got very confused that I had two identities so I had to delete all my new stuff. Perhaps I will tell you about it when I plan to bore you to death.

Welcome back.

Koru's Daughter

LJ said...

Thanks so much everyone. And sorry KD...the two bloggers don't speak to each other yet. Had to pick one.
Good to be home.
And fustercluck is pretty brilliant Z.

phlegmfatale said...

Well, I've been so spread thin for weeks that I regretted not making the rounds more frequently. I'm glad i can comment more easily. Oh, and that cluster thingie? It's down here, too. Big time!

LJ said...

Ain't exactly the kind of cluster we have in mind, is it Phelgmy? But our hair looks fabulous, right?