Monday, November 27, 2006

The black hole in blogger

Sucked into the virtual blackhole, so far: Fatale Abstraction and Coyoboy. "Your links list looks much shorter," KD mentions. I'd caught the disappearance of Coyoboy the other day when I went to use the link - and today, repeating the same process, I discover that Fatale Abstraction is missing.

And I've put them back. But it's a mystery. Why just those? Are there more? Yes indeed. Chuck is among the missing, My Hiding Place. I'll fix that.

Is this happening if people move from "classic" to "beta?" Is it happening because they don't? Is it happening because a leaf falls onto a picnic table in Iowa and someone puts a dented can of stewed tomatoes in their shopping cart while at the same time, an old man sneezes furiously and reaches for Kleenex?

And PS. HELP NEEDED. I would like writing exercises. I will write one paragraph or two on any topic, sentence, picture or word you send me in comments. Thanks!


starbender said...

I have also had 'links' go missing.
It's right up there with the missing sock from the dryer!
' ]

beadbabe49 said...

one does wonder, doesn't one? LOL!

ok...I love challenges...your word for the day is, "mystery"'s that?

phlegmfatale said...

whoa - glad you are keeping me around. :)

Topic suggestion: Secret thoughts of carnival rides in off-season.

Handy Girl said...

gremlins in cyberspace....
here's something to write about: beans...