Monday, November 06, 2006

Dancing at the end of the world

I am not entirely convinced that Rob Brezsny of "Freewill Astrology" actually IS an astrologer.
Not that it matters in the least. I quote below from "Pronoia Therapy for Beginners"

"3. Eat a pinch of dirt while affirming that you are ready to kill off one of your outworn shticks -- some idea or formula that has worked for you in the past but has now become a parody of itself.

4. Using crayons, paints, scissors, glue, collage materials or any other materials, create a piece of large-denomination paper money, good for making a payment on your karmic debt.

10. Build an altar devoted to beauty, truth, and love in one of the ugliest places you know."

Ten. Most of all, I want to do ten. Failing being able to place art in an actual prison, I need to determine what might be next on the ugliness scale. Ideas welcome.


Anonymous said...

How about an office cubical.

Mary said...

Any pedestrian underpass (under a motorway/freeway/road junction). It would be a good contrast with the grafitti and smell of urine ....

Just thinking of it is depressing.

Anonymous said...

I know of a "sacred" hotspring south of Santa Fe. Plant your naked self in it and gaze down the valley to the Taos Pueblo.


LJ said...

Anonymous (which Yottabiter is it?)..
Office cubical is good.
Mary...Definately an underpass. Although I'm eyeing a big ugly mall that is 3/4 parking lot and 1/4 hideous signs & Large Terrifying Plastic Clowns.
Goatman...I'm accepting plane tickets. Hell, just send a map and I'll walk.

herhimnbryn said...

Council ( welfare?) housing area. I have yet to find one that feels welcoming in any way.

LJ said...

H! I do believe you're talking about my neighborhood or parts of it. Now there's a surprise!

Anonymous said...

How about in a Wal-Mart.

phlegmfatale said...

how about the local seat of government, municipal, state or federal. Mighty ugly, indeed.