Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Backing into Beta

Today I made a leap and registered a new blog - beta version. Life on earth and other accidents: part 2. I made a list of twenty alternate blog titles but haven't hit on anything that feels as right as LOE. Nothing has been done on that site yet, but at least it's registered in case I continue to have title block. Here, for your amusement (or your raspberries) are a few of the new titles I jotted down. Be kind, I was free-associating:

20/20 Hindsight,
Certainty and Large Cash Prizes,
Five O'clock Shadow (Don't ask me why, but I like that one) and finally,
True Fiction, Earnest Lies.

Ok. I agree. Nothing we can use there. I leapt on True Lies only to discover it was a movie title. It was perfect and Hollywood has stolen it.

I don't want to move. Especially to a neighborhood like Beta, where the plumbing is barely hooked up and the electricity is likely not to be on. Where, if I'm catching the drift over at Blogger Help, archives and old blogs are eaten, comments vanish, or you just plain can't sign on.

But let's face it, the "old" neighborhood isn't what it used to be. I can't use Blogger for Word anymore. The font in Old Blogger is senile - and cranky. It spaces where it feels like it. It leaps from Ariel to "font" without permission. The spell check converts all diacritics to something else and beware of turning on italics because you may never get them to turn off again. Or suddenly, lo and behold - an article appears in font 15 inches high. Surprise!

What do the kindly folks at Blogger say? Why, they are concentrating on New Blogger. They are no longer investigating problems with Old Blogger.

I remind myself that I am getting what I'm paying for. Not that this has been the case always. I've been grateful for the cyberspace - and the almost idiot-proof templates.

A general call out - Who has moved house to Beta? Who is screwing up their courage to do it?
Who is planning to stuff hand-written notes in bottles and set them adrift as an alternative?

In honor of this collapsing, unsupported old blogging neighborhood, I present two different Hobo signs both meaning, Hit the road! Quick!


herhimnbryn said...

Oh Damn!
I have only just worked out Blogger mk 1!
Have read all their blurb. Don't think you lose all your old blog stuff.....I hope not!
A friend recently said to me that I should copy some of my posts into a journal for posterity!!!!!( She is a loyal friend). Her theory being that when I die all my words would be lost in cyberspace!!!
Maybe she's right?
Like you say lj.. the whole new enterprise seems a little tied to gether with string and therefore not reassuring.

LJ said...

Yeah, H...It's looking shaky. Some nice features, but basically the same thing with a few more bells and whistles. Not stable yet, though. I think I'm going to print my blog, bit by bit. Has it ever occured to you how much is stored (writing, pictures, records)in the computers? A lot of us have stopped keeping hard copies...and I'm a person who's had at least 4 total crashes of computers (with loss of all hands)so I KNOW better. Do I backup? No. Sheesh.

The blog I set up on Beta would start from there. I don't trust the carry-over. But I think we're all going to have to transfer eventually.

chuck said...

"NO. NO. NO."

I am getting younger and less patient!

Does this mean I have to learn a whole new bag of tricks? Something called BETA?

I haven't even figured out alpha and omega...to say nothing of phi kappa gamma.

When the information superhighway develops easy access routes from rural burgs like mine...at that time will I get excited by the "new bells and whistles".

x O
x x
'sacred space'
(a symbol)

Katie said...

True Fiction, Earnest Lies

I love that one, LJ!

I too am experiencing difficulty with Blogger. I think you are right - we all are going to have to switch eventually.

Let us know where you are going though definetly.

Hope you are doing well, friend.

Love and hugs, J

zhoen said...

I may have to do much the same, keeping as much of the old name as possible. And transfer over the writing that still seems worthwhile.

Earth on Life.

LJ said...

At least it posted these. Although on Mozilla, I'm seeing the wrong size font - and on IE it's fine. Sheesh.

Chuck. Set up a new one on Beta if you're scared of losing you stuff. I'd advise EVERYone to read the Blogger Help Group on Google.

It's as easy a setup as the Alpha - and very similar. A few new bells and whistles. I have yet to see if comments work - so please do comment or leave a stone, just so I know if you are getting through!

I'm leaving LOE as it is...hoping that the bugs will iron out and eventually it will be safe to move it.

By the way - you'll lose special formatting, word has it. A tragedy for those of you who've made wonderful, creative changes.

HOWever. It's free, right? And can we stop yakking. Doubt it.

Vita said...

I think the engineer they sent to fix old blog spot whatever it is has fixed it, and it's working for now again. (They said they were sending an engineer to fix it, and then it was fixed.)

LJ said...

Vita - I'll bet money they won't keep sending engineers! But I'm still here. Just moved down the street aways.

Anonymous said...

oh come on pack up and join yottabite! :)

LJ said...

Why anonymous! WHO could that BE!?

phlegmfatale said...

Well, crap. I thought they were going to convert the older blogs later on, and that we wouldn't have to diddle them ourselves. Harumph!

Edie said...

Ouch, it's all new to me...just started blogging a little better than a month ago...found your site only today. I'll look for your new home while i wonder about my new home...

What to do...what to do...

Edie said...

just have to say:

it strikes me that the word verifications to post a comment often look like swear words in masquerade.

just me?

LJ said...

No, not, Edie! I love the codes. Sometimes they actually almost spell something that's peculiarly appropriate to the comment or post. It's weird.