Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It must be time

She catches herself checking her own blog for new entries.

There are no new entries because no one (not mentioning initials here) has written any.

Nope. She's been busy. She's been acquiring jackets and uncluttered, non-floaty clothing with tailored lines, in subdued colors. Some of them are so subdued they fail to pass as colors. They are more...shadows. Weedy says, "Oh. Grown-up clothes." And she thinks, why in hell am I buying grown-up clothes?"

No one answers. The plants continue to ignore her and do their excuse-me-but-we-need-watering thing. She's paid up to $14.95 for the things but the plants have yet to provide one valuable answer. The furniture continues to be furniture. Much of it in need of cleaning, all of it silent as...well, furniture. And asking actual sentient beings for an answer is useless. She'd run the risk of an answer like, "what's odd about that?" or "well, you are 58."

Now she's worn tailored clothing, but normally it's by way of costume. The famous 40's suit that made her feel like she was Queen of the Known Universe or at the very least, Katherine Hepburn. But this is different. This is not worn with spike heels, stockings that have seams and little gloves. This is jackets and dress pants. This is necklines without cleavage. This stuff screams - I'm serious, dammit.

She's serious. Serious business is transpiring in her world. She is seriously overloaded at work and determined not to have her term-beginning meltdown. She has work in her first serious show. She is not just someone having fun anymore, beading until her eyes cross. She is now One of Eleven Nova Scotia Designers and the opening is tomorrow night. She considers renaming herself "One of Eleven." Borg Artist and Serious Human Being. She hopes she will not act like a dip stick at the opening. But the hope is frail, in spite of the jacket.

She is having a good time writing this. Having given up hope of serious subject matter.


Teri said...

Now, y'see, if I were going to view the intricate and eclectic work of One of Eleven Nova Scotia Designers, I would expect her to be dressed in floaty, un-grownup clothes! You are an artist, after all.

That said, I'm sure you look stunning in your tailored dress pants and modest jackets. Good to be subtly costumed, anyway, as not to eclipse the shimmer and shine of your handiwork.

You should find a pair of sassy/sexy/wild/crazy shoes to wear with your grownup uniform. :)

I so wish I could come to your opening!! Can't wait to hear about it.

chuck said...

Your work is getting recognition.
You are being acknowledged for your art and design accomplishments, for your metier-- your craft.
Accept the GIFT of being acknowledged; acceptance is your way of saying, "Thanks."
Acknowledgment comes infrequently; therefore, bask in the limelight glow while it presents itself.
Slacks and jacquet sounds very chic!
Have Fun!

Darkmind said...

Nothing says serious like steel toe boots...

herhimnbryn said...

Oh lj, how exciting. You could always wear 'you' clothes at your next exhibit.
Yes, to the shoes, go wacky and outrageous/sexy and slinky...or follow dm's suggestion! You could wear Doc Martins with rhinestones or painted poppies!

Thinking of you and your great night...let us know how it goes.

Ps, you mean your houseplants don't give advice? Take 'em back!

herhimnbryn said...

lj, message for you in the comments box of my latest post.

Mella said...

You're so grown-up and fabulous, LJ...Congrat's and I can't wait to hear about the opening!

Koru's Daughter said...

Hi LJ. I just know that you will rock in this opening. I can't wait to read/hear your report. Did your grown-up subpersonality decide that she needed a little face time?

LJ said...

T - Little black boots. But the brown velvet jacket was pretty splashy - and I opted for cleavage. So I guess "grown up" can be fun.
C- I had fun. Imagine! There was very little pressure because there were 11 of us and a full gallery. It was nice to see my work all decked out on a plinth and encased in glass. And an artist I really admire (her show was before this) liked my work. That was really a charge.
D - D, D, D. You never disappoint me. And you crack me up more often than you will ever know.
H - Got your message and will reply this weekend. And Doc Martin's look cute on people with little feet. People who are very tall and have long narrow feet look like Olive Oil and no amount of painted flowers would alter that!
M- "Grown up" is okay if I can also be "fabulous." I'll take fabulous!
KD- Some personality must have needed face time. And gawd knows, she got it.
All - it was FUN. It was actually fun - which I didn't expect. Lots of cool people and an attention deficit gal's dream. You'd start a conversation and get interupted. Thinking you might have been rude, you look for the person only to find they have happily moved on. And then you realize that people talk in half-sentences at an opening and then dive on the food or the next person. No pressure. What a great concept!
Thanks for your support, all of you.
Geez. Now I have to do something else, don't I? And I was so looking forward to the laurel resting thing.

zhoen said...

His gaze traveled to the door. Susan's governess coat and hat were hanging on it. The coat was gray and so was the hat. Gray and round and dull. Death didn't know may things about the human psyche, but he did know protective coloration when he saw it. Dullness. Only humans could have invented it. What imaginations they had.
-Terry Pratchett, Hogfather.