Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Advice to myself

Knock softly.

If the door opens,
take time,
the signs,
the messages tucked
in the stems of plants.
Observe the weave of light
the gravity of walls.
See if the table quarrels
with the chairs.
Be alert to the spaces,
the shadows,
the grace notes of absence.

This is how to enter a room.


zhoen said...

Or a phase of life.

Teri said...

How incredibly lovely. Zhoen's addition as well.

herhimnbryn said...

Your grace shines through in this lj. Truely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

But I liked blasting in like the first breath of a nuclear fire so much, and you did it like no one else...

My little girl is growing up (sniff).


Darkmind said...

You forgot "Take the safety off." and "Check behind the door and in the closet."

Jessie said...

Exactly! Brilliant, LJ, that's precisely the way...

...and, yeah, what darkmind said, too... heh...

Mella said...

Lovely. Just lovely.

(Oh Darkmind...)

LJ said...

Apparently some of us prefer "nuclear fire" and sidearms...and we won't, because we are so fair and just-minded, notice that these are the male side of the chorus. Oh. And a little bit Jess, which makes me laugh even harder.
I swear the comments are so often better than the entries that they keep me going. I'm in it to read the comments.
And Marko, don't worry...I never manage quietly for long. Or grace.
I seem to have times when I think about it, though.
Thanks to both those who liked the poem and those who had fun with it and those who fell somewhere in the middle.