Saturday, April 07, 2007

What has survived major weeding

Okay, Herhimnbryn! Snoop to your hearts content! Click on these and they blow up enough so that you can read most of the titles. Keep in mind this does not include the books piled in the bedroom, the top of the fridge, on the coffee table and behind the books on writing, where there is a row of fiction. Seven years ago, I parted with most of the fiction, keeping only a few of the dearest ones I knew I would reread. The rest, mostly, can be borrowed from the library. And believe it or not, this is as sparse as I can get things. Be thankful you are not one of the people who helps me move!
(Note of interest - Blogger burps when I try to insert an apostrophe. As I misuse them, perhaps I have been eighty-sixed!)


zhoen said...

We've sent a dozen 12"x12" boxes of books media mail to D's parents. Save on weight for the move. But then, it's a scholar's library, not to be thinned.

LJ said...

I consider most of what I have left as reference-particularly the craft, writing and astrology books. There's some poetry - an old volume of women's poetry called "Rising Tides" which never came out in hardback and I've had bound. There's "Embraces of the Heart"...books I go back to over and over. And of course Pema of hers on the shelf and the rest in my bedroom. Just can't seem to part with the last ton.
...And what a good idea, to ship your books for the move!

herhimnbryn said...

Art Nouveau. snap
The Fantastic Kingdom. snap
After the Ecstacy, The Laundry. I want to read that.
The Poisonwood bible. Thanks for reminding me to find it.
The Prophet. snap
Bad dirt.snap

Well, thankyou lj, that was a pleasant way to spend a few minutes. The Bear asked why I was perving someone's bookcases, told him I had permission!

And Z. when we moved, the books were the first thing I packed.

edvard moonke said...

some v. interesting-looking books there, lj. but when it comes down 'weeding', what else is worth keeping apart from books?

LJ said...

H. I love Bear's choice of words.."perving"...and you'd love "After the Ecstacy"...a title that doesn't show clearly is Eduardo Galeano's "The Book of Embraces"...which might be on my short list of what to grab in case of fire.
Edvard. Stones. All my stones. The semi-precious and the plain old river rocks and the stones my father collected while he was landscape painting. A lifelong habit that left him even move-heavier than I am.