Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pilot to co-pilot

Cat used to feel very very sorry for himself when I was at the computer. He was, after all, down on the floor like an animal and he didn't like it. He sang great sorrowful arias to that effect, too. Andy, formerly known as "the wanker," suggested that I might give him a place to sit and watch and much to my astonishment, it worked. As soon as I sit in my chair, he sits in his.

Now, my only remaining problem (other than him throwing up on the carpet), is that he feels compelled to bead. Or at least to stand on the beads when I work, trying to eat them.


zhoen said...

Might want to get him some wheatgrass. He'll hork it up, but it will regulate his digestion in the long run. (Some groceries stores have it already growing.)

Moby loves sitting up next to D. Takes over his chair when possible.

Might want to add some citrus scent to the beads, unpalatable to most cats. Won't stop him sitting on them, though.

Good to have a friend, ain't it?

phlegmfatale said...

THere now, you see how easy that was? Once he acknowledged that he'd allow you to be on an equal level with him, well, you were bound to settle down and quit being so feisty. Now, the beads are another matter...

LJ said...

Hi Zhoen. I have a ceiling high grassy-palmy tree thing, and he's chewing on its baby. NO problem getting him to throw up, I assure you. He has a delicate constitution (ahem)and eats only very, very expensive hypo-allergenic food. Mostly he's much better these days - only throws up a normal cat amount which wouldn't phase me were it not for the carpet cleaning. And I have to confess, I enjoy the beading game.
He sits in the middle, chews on my work, plays try-to-beat-the-monkey-to-the-beads and we generally make a game of my trying to work. He has so much fun that I don't have the heart to keep him off the table. And yeah - I really like his annoying little ass.

Hi Phlegmy! He must be a Libra! Not taking any of that lesser than thou stuff, no, no. And as to beading - well, he figures we're a team. We make the bed together (he squats on each successive layer and then runs when the next blanket goes on), he watches the bathwater run for me, he makes sure I don't walk too fast by running in front of my feet etc.
He's a big help, so he deserves his equal chair, I guess.

beadbabe49 said...

You're a saint! I had to ban sumi and oliver from the studio because they kept running off with my pincushions...with the pins still in them!

phlegmfatale said...

I'm a Libra too. We have our little version of the universe and we don't like our fur rubbed the wrong way. Nice of you to let him live with his illusions-- life's so much prettier that way.